Saturday, July 23, 2011

Clayton Kershaw Living Spaces 7-23-11

Clayton Kershaw was scheduled to sign at Living Spaces in La Mirada on 7-23-11 from 10am-12pm. I arrived at the signing around 8am and there were already about 400 people waiting in line. This was my fault since I went out the night before with my buddies, slept late and got to the signing late as well. I made the rookie mistake of not getting to the signing earlier but I wasn't going to camp out either for 10 hours. One of my buddies Joseph was smart enough to get there early and he camped out the night before since midnight. Thus he was able to get two wristbands and get two items signed.

Personally i'd never do a 10-12 hour campout. That's just completely insane for an autograph. That's why I sometimes prefer paid signings since it's less of an hassle. By the time I arrived Living Spaces staff already distributed wristbands. There was chaos at Living Spaces as people were getting multiple wristbands and people in the back were cutting in line. The entire event was a fiasco. I ran into the usual graphers there like Martin, Scotty, Mike and Joseph but none of them had any extra wristbands for me except Joseph. I didn't ask Joseph for the extra wristband since he did earn it waiting over 10 hours for this signing. Thus I did what anyone would do bribe a stranger for his wristband. I ended up chilling near by buddy Joseph who camped out the night before in front of the line and yelled out "twenty bux for the first person to offer me their extra wristband." A random guy came up to me and agreed to sell me his extra wristband for 20 bucks. The guy brought like four of his kids so I don't think he needed more items signed. For me that was a good investment since I was able to sleep in and also if it was an actual paid signing fees for a small item would have been at least $50.

I ended up getting Kershaw to sign a ROMLB on the SS with the 2011 All Star Inscription. My buddy Joseph got a jersey signed.

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