Thursday, July 7, 2011

Angels vs Mariners Post Game 7-7-11 Pearl Jam / David Koechner

I went out to Angels Stadium for graphing after the Angels game. I didn't have tickets to this game since it is a weekday game and due to work I can't make those games on time. Thus during last season if I had the urge to get autographs I would go to the stadium to graph after the game is over. The Angels were playing the Mariners that night and it was also Angels Flashback Adjustable Hat SGA night. The usual graphers were there waiting near the front gates of the stadium. I heard through another grapher that they got Mike McCready (the lead guitarist for Pearl Jam) to sign for them inside the stadium. Mike is a huge Mariners fan and I was hoping he would come out through the front gates.

If you have waited for players after the game it is random and always hit or miss. There are nights were you can get future HOFers to sign like Pudge Rodriguez and there are nights where you only end up with scrubs or coaches on the team. If they have local ties to California the players usually come out through the front to meet friends and family. Sometimes if they don't feel like signing they will ignore all the fans so it depends on how lucky you are. I usually go out with low expectations and hope to get at least one autograph so it's not a wasted trip to the stadium.

Tonight was pretty weak in terms of players walking out of the front gate. I guess most of the players took the team bus back to the hotel. I was able to get Doug Fister (this was before he got traded to the Tigers) to sign my Seattle Mariners mini helmet. I usually reserve mini helmets for the scrubs on each time. Now that I think of it retrospectively I regret that decision since Doug is now a future star the the Tigers. I should have had him sign a ROMLB. The Mariners never gave him any run support which was the reason for his poor W-L record. Doug stood out since he is really tall in person and was kind enough to sign for all of the fans waiting outside.

See that guy pictured next to Doug. That's my friend Keith. He plays a huge role in this post. He is one of the nicest guys you will ever meet at Angels Stadium. He is a regular there along with his girlfriend Nancy.

After Doug Fister there wasn't much action going on. I guess most of the players took the team bus to get back to their hotels. While waiting another fan noticed that David Koechner walking out. David is a star and has appeared in several major movies mostly comedies such as Anchorman and plays a recurring role as Todd Packer in The Office. The Office is one of my favorite shows all time so I had to get his autograph. David was nice as can be signing for fans and also taking pictures with us as well. Since I had nothing for David to sign I had him sign an ROMLB on the SS.

Soon afterwards Mike McCready from Pearl Jam walked out of the stadium with his family. Mike is a class act and was nice to sign for autographs for all the fans and posed for pictures as well. He is a diehard Mariners fan. Mike signed my ROMLB for me long with the Pearl Jam inscription.

The strangest thing happened afterwards. Hank Conger and Bobby Wilson came up to the front gates to get back into the stadium. Normally Angels players leave from the back of the stadium through the players parking lot. I asked Hank why he was back and he told me he left his keys in the locker room. Bobby Wilson was also there but I didn't ask. Both Bobby and Hank signed for fans as well. I didn't have any items left for Hank to sign. This is where my buddy Keith plays a key role. He ended up giving me his Flashback Angels SGA hat for free so that I can get Hank's autograph. Keith is a standout guy always willing to help another grapher out. Hank signed my hat and also took a photo with me. He's my bro from another mother. LOL

The last person to leave the stadium was Coach Eric Wedge of the Mariners. He signed my mini helmet for me.

All in all another great night of signings.

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