Monday, April 13, 2015

Jeremy Lin Signing at WSS in Los Angeles 4-11-15

Jeremy Lin had a public signing this past weekend at the WSS Store from 4-5pm. With the purchase of $30 worth of merchandise they gave you a wristband to get Jeremy Lin's autograph. I ended up picking up $30 worth of socks.

I arrived at the event around a little past 3pm. LA traffic is terrible but luckily I carpooled with Jeremy and Benson. Thanks to my friend Spencer he held down a spot for us. Thanks again Spencer.

One word pretty much sums up this event; clusterfuck.

Jeremy ended up arriving at about 4pm. 

It was basically a cattle call similar to a book signing where the handler grabs your item and the athlete or celebrity doesn't switch pens and runs with it. It was strictly one autograph per person with no photo ops and all the autographs were rushed. The handlers wouldn't let Jeremy switch pens so he ran with the jumbo black sharpie. Here is how my jersey turned out.

The main reason why I even went to the event was to try to get a full signature or even an inscription from Jeremy Lin. You would think at a technically paid sit down signing the quality of the autograph would be better. I probably could have gotten a better auto in person at another public event. I guess I shouldn't complain since I got the autograph and it was on a cheap item. But all in all it wasn't the best experience from an autograph signing since there was no fan interaction. Jeremy didn't even say a word to his fans and was focused on knocking out all the autographs for the 250 fans that showed up so he can get out of there as soon as possible.

Luckily though I wasn't stuck with $30 dollars worth of socks as I was able to return the items at another WSS store.