Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Dodgers Postgame Graphing in Anaheim 4-3-15

Here is a small recap of what I got during postgame at the Angels vs Dodgers game in Anaheim. Basically my goal was to get my Don Mattingly jersey signed and hopefuly get Joc Pederson and Jimmy Rollins' autograph for the first time.

I ran into old friends such as my friend Jose who hooked me up with a Jim Abbott ball with the no hitter inscription. I couldn't make the signing a few weeks ago but Jose was kind enough to get me his autograph.

Jose is one of nicest graphers in the graphing community. Thanks again Jose for helping me with Jim Abbott.

I also ran into You who like me is a diehard fan of the KBO aka Korea Baseball Organization. He was kind enough to hook me up with some baseball cards from Korea. Thanks again You.

As expected it was crowded as usual since fans from LA flock Anaheim whenever the Dodgers are in town. The first autograph I got was from Brett Anderson who walked out with Brandon McCarthy. Luckily I was able to get both guys to sign some cards for me.

I was also able to get autographs from Darwin Barney and Chris Heisey who walked out together as well.

I ended up getting skipped by Joc Pederson who was personalizing all photos and side paneling every single baseball. He's pretty difficult to get considering he's only an unproven rookie thus far. Due to his hype he's already big leaguing which isn't a good sign for graphers.

Last but not least I was able to get Coach Mattingly on my Yankees jersey. This was one of the quickest turnarounds for me as I ended up picking up the vintage Yankees jersey in February which is only about two months ago.

Coach Mattingly was doing a signing session so I also ended up getting my Gold Glove ball signed.

The only notable Angels autograph I got was from good old David Freese who was kind enough to add the "Go Halos" inscription.


  1. That Mattingly jersey looks amazing. As much as I hate the Yanks, their uniforms are top notch.

  2. Trade for Freese Ball? (951) 532-0403

    1. No trades at this moment but check out my garage sale. I have one available for sale