Monday, September 8, 2014

Athletes vs Cancer 2nd Annual Celebrity Flag Football Hosted by Matt Barnes and Snoop Dogg

This was my second year attending the Athletes vs Cancer Celebrity Flag Football Game hosted by Matt Barnes and Snoop Dogg. The venue was different this year and the game was held at Granada Hills Charter High School with the kickoff starting at 6:30pm.

The change in venue didn't help when it came to graphing since security was tighter than ever before for this event. Just like a lot of other charity events there were a lot of no shows such as Kevin Durant, Monta Ellis, Nick Young, Brandon Jennings, Chris Brown and Nate Robinson.

The first autograph opportunity was from Chris Paul. We waited for Chris at the player parking lot. It was me and three other graphers. As Chris was about to sign for us security intervened and said no autographs since Chris was with his family. Chris didn't even get a chance to tell us no.

What was weird was that Chris walked towards us and gave each of us a handshake. I guess that was his way for feeling bad he couldn't sign.

We also got denied by Blake Griffin and Deandre Jordan who were escorted by security. 
Chuck Liddell, Terrell Owens, and Danny Trejo walked by but I had nothing for them.

The first autograph of the day was from Shawne Merriman who signed a mini helmet for me.

He was surprised to see that I had a Chargers mini helmet for him. I guess he didn't expect people to know that he was going to be at the event.

The next autograph was from Baron Davis who signed a photo for me. I love how he purposely signed the basketball pictured in the photo when there was plenty of room above the basketball. He's not the nicest guy you will meet in person. I guess he's still bitter how his career turned out.

This photo below pretty much sums up the day of how bad it was. Basically Chris and Blake weren't signing on the field either.

Chris left early and at the end of the game Blake and Deandre were mobbed by the fans so security escorted them out of the field.

My favorite autograph of the day was from Snoop who signed a photo for me. He was also mobbed as well but luckily I came away with an autograph today.

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