Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Rod Carew Signing at Stadium Nissan 9-13-14

I decided to check out the Rod Carew signing at Stadium Nissan last Saturday. Rod was scheduled to sign from 10am til noon. I love going to Stadium Nissan signings since the events are always organized.

My goal today was to get something different signed. I've gotten Carew's autograph in the past on an HOF ball so I wanted to have him sign a 2014 All Star Baseball under the logo with possibly the 1st pitch inscription since he threw out the first pitch. Rod also threw out the first pitch in 2010 back when Anaheim hosted the All Star Game but he had his best years as a player representing the Minnesota Twins so I decided to get the 2014 All Star ball signed instead.

Rod was cordial as usual and he signed my 2014 All Star ball under the logo. Sadly he wasn't signing any bats today as usual and no inscriptions which was a bit shocking since he used to at least inscribe HOF before at previous signings. I couldn't complain though since it's not everyday you get to have a HOFer sign for free.

I want to give a shout out to my friend Roman for taking the photos above for me. Thanks again Roman.

I want to thank the staff of Stadium Nissan for hosting another well organized autograph signing. I hope they host more signings next year.


  1. The autograph came out sweet. David, what exact pen/brand do you use now? I'm still using the Uni-ball Jetstream pen. I've only had one autograph baseball bleed with that pen. Should I stop using the Uni-ball Jetstream?

    1. Thanks Jonathan. I've been using the 0.8 bic and the 1.0 lately. I realized over the years that no baseball is safe when it comes to bleeding. I've seen cases of baseballs that bled with jetstream, bic, papermate, etc. I've also seen baseballs bleed on certain portions of the autograph and not other portions. My conclusion is that the adhesive/glue that rawlings uses and the oils in our hands when the baseballs are handled is what's causing the bleeding and not the pen itself. BTW I stumbled across your blog and it's a nice one. Keep up the good work