Monday, January 27, 2014

UCLA Alumni Game 1-25-14

It was nice to be back in Westwood to watch the UCLA Alumni Game. As soon as I entered the stadium I noticed a few changes.

That's right 2013 National Champs. It was nice to see the entire team again. Hopefully UCLA can defend their national title again this year.

As soon as I entered the stadium I ran into Tyler who brought me a Dan Haren signed baseball. Thanks for the deal Tyler. It was nice to finally add Dan's autograph to the collection.

The only autograph I got during the day was from Gerrit Cole who signed a photo and a baseball for me. Fame, glory and money did change him as he was reluctant to sign for everyone today. I miss the days when he was more humble and was nicer to the fans. The days of inscriptions and multiples are over.

I want to give a shoutout to Alex A, Tyler, Joe, Jack, Steve Z, Jared, Jesse, Stephan, and Greg. It was nice graphing with you guys today.

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