Sunday, January 19, 2014

2014 NFLPA Collegiate Bowl 1-18-14

It's been forever since I last went to a graphing event. I decided to take some time off from graphing and blogging since i've been a bit jaded and burnt out by the hobby. It was nice to take some time off to enjoy life outside of graphing.

I decided to graph one of my favorite events of the year which is the NFLPA Collegiate Bowl. Since we rarely get any opportunities to graph football I couldn't pass this opportunity up. I headed out to the Stubhub Center in Carson today along with my friend Benson and met up with Jose and David A. My goal today was to get my Daunte Culpepper and Priest Holmes jerseys signed.

Last year the stadium was called the Home Depot Center but now Stubhub took over. Ironically I ended up purchasing the game tickets off Stubhub as well.

The first autograph of 2014 was from Andre Reed who signed a photo for me before the game.

It was nice to finally get one out of the way. My buddy Jose ended up getting Andre to sign an old school Startling Lineup figurine which featured Andre in a jheri curl. Andre was impressed to see it and called over his friend to look at his old figurine. Here is a photo below of the autographs that Jose got today.

Next up was Daunte Culpepper who signed my authentic Vikings jersey for me. Here he is signing a few cards for David A; one for himself and one for his father as usual.

Next up was Coach Dick Vermeil who kept his promise to sign for us as he was going back into the locker room. Coach Vermeil signed a photo for me and was nice enough to inscribe "Super Bowl Champ."

Will Shields also kept his promise to sign for us as well and signed a photo for me.

The last autograph of the day was from Priest Holmes. It was hard to recognize him at first since he grew a beard.

It was a relief to get both of my jerseys signed today since I don't know when I will run into these guys again. We ended up leaving the game early since Benson and I were both tired and clearly out of graphing shape.

Before we left I took a few photos of the player introductions out of the tunnel as well as some photos of the field.


  1. Welcome back, David. Was wondering when a new entry would be coming up. Sweet photo of the players... love how they get to wear their school helmets. Makes for a great shot. What are those numbers inscribed under Will Shields' signature?

    1. Thanks Austin. I have no clue what those numbers mean or represent. I guess I gotta do some research.