Monday, July 15, 2013

LINSANITY!!!!! Steve Nash Foundation Showdown Soccer Game 7-14-13

After the Drew League, Nick and I decided to check out the Steve Nash Foundation Showdown Soccer Game since we were already close by. Initially I wasn't even planning on graphing on Sunday since I wanted to take the weekend off but as soon as I found out Jeremy Lin was a late add on to play in the Steve Nash Showdown soccer game I knew I had to be there to meet Linsanity himself. Getting Jeremy's autograph in person was my goal today.

As you can see from the picture above the event had heavy security as you were gated off if you didn't have VIP tickets to the event. The entire soccer field was gated off to the public and they had bleacher seating on a first come first served basis which was located outside the gates.

The game was located in the ghetto part of LA near the Staples Center and it was tough to find a good parking spot which is always annoying.

We decided to wait near the entrance hoping to catch the players coming in. Sure enough they all got dropped off in one bus along with the soccer players as well. Thus it was tough to graph since you had to pick and choose who you wanted as each player was in a rush to enter the soccer field.

The first player to walk out of the bus was the Captain of the LA Galaxy Robby Keane. I passed on him since I don't graph soccer and wasn't prepped for him.

I saw Klay Thompson walk by but nobody stopped him. Since I got his autograph a few weeks ago I initially passed on him.

During the chaos I noticed Jeremy Lin walking out of the bus so I called him over. He was cool and signed my Sports Illustrated for me.

Afterwards he ran with my blue sharpie and signed a blue LA Dodger cap for another fan and walked in. Jeremy signed a total of two autographs pregame.

After getting Jeremy Lin's autograph I noticed that Steve Nash began to sign. Nick ended up getting Steve Nash's autograph on his basketball but missed out on Jeremy Lin so he was a bit bummed. I ended up getting Steve to sign a basketball for me as well.

The autograph was a bit rushed as Steve ended up signing about five autographs. He was also in a rush to get inside the field. I can't complain though since Steve will be a HOFer one day.

Afterwards I decided to take a few pictures of the players warming up on the field.

Klay Thompson ended up signing through the fence prior to the game. I was able to get Klay to sign a photo for me by sliding it between the gate.

The floorboard pictured above was signed after the soccer game as Klay was leaving the event.

Jared Dudley also signed but in a section of the fence where there was no room for a photo to slide in. Fans were sliding random items through the fence like their t shirts for him to sign. I ended up getting Jared Dudley after the game as he was leaving.

I took some more photos to pass the time.

Steve Nash's team ended up winning with Steve making the game winning goal. As for post game graphing it was bad as most of the players were in a rush to leave just like how they were in a rush to enter the event. Klay Thompson was the first one to walk out and sign and he pretty much signed for anyone who asked. Jared Dudley signed as well. Jeremy Lin signed one autograph on a notepad but the autograph was illegible  as Jeremy was in a rush to leave. Nash came out with his kids so he didn't sign at all.

Overall I felt really lucky to get both Steve Nash and Jeremy Lin's autograph today. 

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