Sunday, July 7, 2013

Angels vs Red Sox Series Recap

The Red Sox are one of the toughest teams to graph especially for me. Historically this is one team I do poorly with along with the Phillies so I was hoping that my results would be a little different this past weekend.

Angels vs Red Sox Game 7-5-13  

Thanks to Benson who had an extra ticket I was able to attend the opening game of the Angels vs Red Sox series. I drove directly from work to the stadium and arrived as BP was starting.

The first and last autograph I got on Friday was from Craig Breslow who signed a card for me. I barely missed Andrew Bailey who also signed as he sat and signed next to Craig near the VIP seats.

Shane Victorino as usual ignored all the fans. I didn't even bother calling him out for an autograph. Here he is below talking to a friend of his on the field.

On a brighter note I did get a chance to talk with David Ortiz's cousin Jose who was sitting behind the Red Sox Dugout. I asked Jose to see if he could get me Big Papi's autograph but he politely said he couldn't at the time. I hung out and chatted with him for a bit hoping Ortiz would come out to greet him and sure enough he did. However Ortiz ended up not signing except for one fan as he was running back into the dugout after BP.  Chatting it up with Jose did pay off the next day.

Here was our view for the rest of the game.

Angels vs Red Sox Pregame 7-6-13 

I was hoping for better luck today since it was so bad the previous day. The first player to sign for me was Andrew Bailey who is always a good signer since his days with the Oakland A's. Andrew signed two cards for me.

Afterwards Ryan Dempster signed a photo for me.

Ryan is one of the nicer players in the league. I was happy that Benson finally got his Demster jersey signed too today.

The last autograph I got was from David Ortiz thanks to his cousin Jose. Jose recognized me from the previous day since I met him at the game and jokingly said that he sees me everywhere. I told Jose that David Ortiz is one of my favorite players and that i'll do whatever it takes to get his autograph. Ortiz was mobbed as soon as he started to sign. Jose ended up telling David Ortiz in Spanish to sign for the Chinese guy and pointed him out to me. I'm not Chinese but I didn't care. I was happy with the autograph. David signed my Rawlings HR Derby Gold Ball under the logo.

In terms of autograph totals it was a weak series for me but I was happy to add David Ortiz's autograph to my personal collection. It's all about quality and not quantity for me.


  1. how do you get all these 08,09 or 10 all star balls

    1. i believe andersonkpt has a variety of balls to choose from. and very reasonably priced too.

  2. haha. I can imagine Jose saying "chino" this and "chino" that. I'm Korean too and I remember getting a lot of that in school.

    1. Ya he referred to me as Chino so I knew what he was talking about.

  3. Nice job dude. I'm a Sox collector and love a good story about meeting or getting an autograph from a big player. I went to a book signing in NY for David Ortiz was a great experience meeting him. Keep up the hunt. Rob