Monday, July 15, 2013

Drew League 7-14-13

I decided to hit up the Drew League again but this time with my friend Nick since it was his first time attending the Drew. Week 9 was the first week where NBA players were allowed to play at the Drew League so there was a big crowd at hand as most fans were anticipating seeing a lot of NBA players play at the Drew.

Normally there is no problem strolling into the gym but today the line warped around outside the gym. The capacity reached it's full limit so the security weren't allowing people into the gym unless someone left. I was waiting outside for about 10 minutes with no movement in the line but luckily I was able to talk to a member of Dorell Wright's entourage who let me inside the gym through the player entrance alongside Dorell and Bobby Brown.

Luckily that saved us about an hour to get inside the gym and we were able to catch the tail end of Nick Young and Gilbert Arenas' game. There was more media than usual especially since Nick Young just signed a contract with the LA Lakers.

The first player to sign for me was Gilbert Arenas who signed another photo for me.

The picture above shows Gilbert enjoying a snow cone after signing my photo for me. The gym was packed so it was hot inside. Gilbert is always cool with the fans so I hope an NBA team picks him up this year.

The next player to sign for me was DeMar DeRozan who signed two photos for me. Again he is a great signer as well.

Afterwards there was a huge commotion when James Harden walked into the gym. He rolled in with his teammate Terrence Jones.

Initially I asked James to sign my photo for me. As soon as he noticed that it was a picture of him wearing a Thunder jersey he said he couldn't sign that photo. Luckily I had a backup photo of him playing in the Olympics for the USA team. I countered and asked him if the USA photo was good and he was cool about signing that one instead.

Afterwards Nick and I decided to head out to the Steve Nash Foundation Showdown Soccer Game.


  1. wow nice harden... he is supposedly one of the hardest signers in the NBA

    1. Really? I didn't know Harden was tough. I've gotten him a couple of times over the years and he's always been cool about signing. I never got denied ever by him so maybe it's luck.

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