Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Angels vs Rangers Graphing Recap

Angels vs Rangers Post Game Graphing Recap 4-22-13

Since this was the first Rangers vs Angels series of the year I decided to do some post game graphing after work. I wanted to test my luck in getting Adrian Beltre's autograph. All last year I was denied by him and currently I was on a two year drought in terms of getting his autograph. I came close to getting him many times last year. Either he would deny us or some idiot grapher would ruin it for us all. I was hoping for a change of luck tonight.

We waited patiently for Adrian and sure enough he stopped. Normally he will ignore fans if he doesn't feel like signing and would leave or he'll sign about three autographs and then leave if a fan pisses him off. Today all of the regulars were there so we decided that if we were all going to get Adrian's autograph we would have to be orderly and get in line. Sure enough Adrian ended up signing for the 10 graphers who waited for him after the game. Initially Adrian signed for his one of his friends who brought several items for him to sign. After Adrian was finished signing for his friend he walked up to me and signed my Gold Glove ROMLB on the SS.

The next Ranger to sign was AJ Pierzynski who signed a card for me.

AJ was in a great mood since he ended up beating the Halos once again with a game winning homer. As usual AJ's signature was sloppy on all of the cards he signed with each signature being different than the other. There was absolutely no consistency when he was signing cards for fans. I did notice that some of the other fans getting him on baseballs ended up getting legible signatures while people who were getting AJ to sign cards or other flat items were getting sloppy signatures. I was afraid to drop a ball thinking he would side panel or give me the same autograph he gives out on cards.

That was pretty much it for post game graphing. I was happy that my two year drought on Beltre is now officially over.

Angels vs Rangers Post Game Graphing Recap 4-23-13

My autograph goal tonight was to get Derek Lowe's autograph. I heard he signed the previous night but we barely missed him while we were getting Adrian Beltre's autograph. I also wanted to test my luck and see if I could get a legible signature from AJ Pierzynski.

The game itself went into extra innings which helped in terms of graphing since a lot of fans went home which meant less competition for autographs. Luckily Howie Kendrick ended the game in extra innings by hitting a walk off home run for the Halos.

The first player to sign for us was Tanner Scheppers who signed my Bowman card for me. Tanner is a local guy so he was with his family and signed for everyone who asked.

The next player to sign was Alexi Ogando who signed my 2012 Topps Heritage card. As usual he was strictly 1 per.

Next up was AJ Pierzynski. I decided to try my luck and have him sign my baseball hoping that he would sign using his legible nice version of his signature. AJ was nice enough to sign my ROMLB on the SS and also inscribed 05' World Series Champs at my request. This was well worth the risk.

The last autograph I got during post game graphing was from Derek Lowe who rolled out with Scott Boras. Derek signed my ROMLB on the SS.

Overall it was another fun night of post game graphing at the stadium.


  1. Great job! Lovin' the DLowe sig!

    1. Thanks Josh. I'm actually happier to get a clean signature from AJ with the WS inscription

  2. Nice job on scoring the graphs. Congrats.

  3. The sigs look great! Where did you have to stand to get the autograph?

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