Monday, April 1, 2013

Angels vs Dodgers Post Game Graphing 3-28-13

Tonight was the first night of post game graphing at Angel Stadium for 2013. It was nice to be back home to do some post game graphing. My friend Alex who graphed the Dodgers pregame informed me that it was terrible in the morning since only Chris Capuano and Andre Ethier signed. This was significantly lower than usual compared to previous years. I guess most of the Dodgers were tired of signing especially after spring training.

However I decided to test out my luck since my goal was to get five jerseys signed this weekend which includes my Matt Kemp Brooklyn Dodgers powder blue jersey, Clayton Kershaw Dodgers home jersey, Josh Beckett Dodgers Home Jersey, Adrian Gonzalez Padres BP game jersey and my Adrian Gonzalez Dodgers home authentic jersey. I went in with low expectations especially since only a few players signed in the morning.

The first player to sign for us was Josh Beckett. This was an absolute surprise to me since Josh has a reputation for being a tough autograph to obtain. Out of all of my jerseys I brought to get signed I thought Josh's would have been the most difficult to obtain in person. Josh was nice enough to sign my jersey along with a ROMLB on the SS.

In retrospect maybe I should have had him sign a Marlins or a Red Sox jersey since that's when Josh was on top of his game winning two World Series titles. But then again I know the signed Beckett Dodgers jersey is a rare piece since I don't see that many fans that would be able to get a Beckett Dodgers jersey signed. I just like to add unique pieces to my collection.

This was seriously a great start to the graphing season at the stadium. Anything else I got tonight was just a bonus. So far one down and four more jerseys to go.

The next player to sign for us was Hyun-Jin Ryu. Ryu was on his cell phone as he was walking out with his translator. His translator initially informed us that he wouldn't sign for us. However I still had to ask him in Korean if he could sign my Korea WBC hat. Sure enough he grabbed my hat and signed for me. Ryu ended up signing for two other graphers and left.

Next up was Matt Guerrier and AJ Ellis who both signed cards for me. AJ actually kept his promise. My friend Alex who graphed pregame noted that AJ promised the crowd that he would sign post game. Most of the time players like to make false promises to get fans off their back. Rarely do athletes keep their word when promising fans that they would sign later. Sure enough AJ was true to his word and signed for everyone.

That was pretty much it for Dodger graphing. Matt Kemp had a driver pick him up so he didn't stop to sign which was a bit of a shock to me since he was good about signing post game every time he was back in Anaheim during previous years. I guess Kemp has changed since he is now a superstar. Kershaw as expected denied all autograph requests and Gonzo was in Rancho at the Quakes exhibition game. Thus I had to wait until Saturday to try my luck again in getting the remainder of the jerseys signed.

I decided to try for the Angels side. The only autograph I got was from Jerome Williams who signed a card for me. Peter Bourjos signed but only for kids and Kevin Jepsen signed as well but I had nothing for him.

I want to thank my buddy Alex for providing me with all of the intel regarding the graphing situation in the morning. Thanks again bro.


  1. Sweet Beckett's! Mad that i missed him both days but what can you do.

    1. Thanks Kyle. You will get him next time. There is always a next time bro.