Saturday, May 28, 2011

Dioner Navarro and Jamey Carroll Signings 5-28-11

It was Saturday and when I have nothing to do on Saturdays I try to go to a signing. I found out that Dioner Navarro and Jamey Carrol were having autograph signings around the same time so I went out to LA and Sherman Oaks to get both autographs. I know these guys are scrubs but I can't say no to getting an autograph especially if I have a free day to graph. I went out to the Dioner Navarro signing at Kragen Auto Parts which is located in Los Angeles near the Staples Center. There weren't that many fans luckily. I'd say only about 20 fans showed up. I actually expected more since Dodger signings can get psychotic even for scrubs since Dodger fans are nuts. However there were three signings going on that day. A Jerry Sands Paid signing, Jamey Carroll and Dioner Navarro so I figure all the Dodgers fans were spread out.
I ended up getting a ROMLB signed by Dioner and he was nice enough to inscribe All Star 08' for me. People forget this guy was once a promising All Star player back when he played for the Rays.

As soon as I got my autograph I bolted out of there so I would make it to the Jamey Carroll signing on time. The signing took place at the new Sports Authority store in Sherman Oaks. When I arrived they cut the line off since Jamey had to leave for practice. I was so upset since they cut off the line 5 mins before I arrived. Luckily I ran into a fellow grapher who was at the end of the line. He ended up getting my baseball signed for me. Noticed how scuffed up the ROMLB is. This is another one from batting practice which I got for free. Batting practice ROMLBs always come in handy especially if you don't have anything for the player to sign.


  1. That was a fun day. I went to both those signings too.

    1. I love days when there are multiple signings and we end up getting all the autographs. Those are the best days. I once got five Angels (Scioscia, Kendrick, Juan Rivera, Maicer Izturis, and Eric Aybar) to sign over the course of one day at four different signings in 2010.