Sunday, May 22, 2011

Angels vs Braves Rod Carew Signing 5-22-11

I went to the Angels vs Braves game on 5-22-11 with the purpose of getting Don Sutton's autograph. Don was scheduled to throw out the first pitch. However he ended up not signing at the Angels 50th Anniversary autograph table since he was part of the Braves broadcasting team. Thus the replacement to Sutton was Rod Carew. I tried all weekend during the Braves series to get Don Sutton's autograph before and after the game. He did sign for several fans but I always ended up missing him. I headed out to the stadium early in the morning so that I could be one of the first 100 people to get a wristband for Rod Carew's autograph and to also try to get Don Sutton's autograph as he was coming in.

Since there is no batting practice on Sunday games I decided to graph the Braves near the dugout. The Braves roster is filled with young talent including guys like Jason Heyward, Brian McCann, Tommy Hanson, and Freddie Freeman. However I ended up with zero autographs from the guys mentioned above. I almost got Brian McCann's autograph but he left after signing for a couple of fans. I did however get Brooks Conrad and Diory Hernandez to sign my ROMLB Braves team ball I am working on. Sadly I know that it will never be completed. I should have had these guys sign a mini helmet but I wasn't able to get one on time before the Braves series.

I did however get the Braves legend Terry Pendleton to sign my ROMLB on the SS. Terry has always been one of my favorite hitters from the 90s and he dominated back when the Braves had their dynasty. I've always wanted to get his autograph so I was happy I was able to get his auto at this game.

Once the game started I headed out to the autograph line. I ended up getting Rod Carew to sign my ROMLB on the SS. He was nice enough to add the HOF 91 inscription on my baseball.

After the game ended I was trying to decide between waiting in front of the gates or behind the stadium. I figured since it was a travel day for the Braves the front would be bad for graphing since the Braves would be leaving the stadium on their team bus. My friend Scott mentioned that Alfredo Griffin and Mickey Hatcher always walk out of the back since they park outside of the player parking lot area. Thus I went to graph them instead so I can add to my Dodgers signed baseball collection. Mickey signed about 15 cards for my friend Scott and he signed my ROMLB on the SS. Alfredo if you guys have ever tried graphing him is tough to get. He always gives you a mean look before he signs and always seems to look angry. It can get very intimidating asking Alfredo for his autograph. Luckily he was nice enough to sign today and he also signed my ROMLB on the SS as well.

As I was headed toward my car to leave my friend Darryl comes up to me and shows me a signed Don Sutton baseball. I asked him how he got it and supposedly Sutton walked out of the front gates and signed for fans after the game. I was so mad at myself for missing out on Sutton again. Sutton like Mattingly is my white whale. Hopefully I can get them off my wish list this upcoming baseball season.

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