Sunday, December 14, 2014

2nd Annual Barnyard Wiffleball Invitational 12-14-14

I decided to check out Brandon Barnes' 2nd Annual Barnyard Wiffleball Invitational Tournament today at The Office Sports Academy in Anaheim. This was a charity event hosted by Colorado Rockies outfielder Brandon Barnes to help support the Pediatric Cancer Research Foundation. Entry to the event was $5.

Scheduled MLB players to be in attendance were Joe Kelly, Tyler Matzek, CJ Wilson, Mark Trumbo, Christian Colon, Nolan Arenado and Justin Turner.

I arrived at the Office Sports Academy at around 10am and the entire building was already packed.

The first autograph I got today was from Joe Kelly who signed an 11x14 for me. Joe was sitting in the stands just watching the wiffleball game. Ironically the backdrop was a replica of Fenway Park which is his home ballpark he plays at for the Boston Red Sox. Here he is pictured below with the TACO cap.

I like how he signed his autograph really large on the photo. Joe was cool with the fans as he ended up signing multiples for all the graphers today. Later on during the day I also got two cards signed as well.

Afterwards I took photos of Brandon Barnes' wiffleball team which comprised of Tyler Matzek, Justin Turner and Christian Colon. Here is a photo below of Brandon pitching.

Here is a few photos showing Tyler, Justin and Brandon watching Christian take some cuts.

After the game I ended up getting Tyler Matzek to sign a card for me. Brandon Barnes and Christian Colon signed an 8x10 for me. I also ended up getting a Big West baseball signed by Christian Colon for my friend Jose who couldn't make it out to the event today.

Afterwards I ended up getting Mark Trumbo to sign a 12x18 for me and with the help of my friend Phil I was able to get an 11x14 photo done as well. It was nice to finally get these photos signed. I had these photos for about two years now. Mark as usual wasn't in a good mood and he grudgingly signed for everyone. Basically with Mark you get your one and leave. It's never a good idea to try double dipping on him.

The toughest autograph to obtain by far was Nolan Arenado today. He would sign sporadically for a few then leave, then sign again and leave. He was a popular target among graphers since he just won back to back Gold Glove Awards so everyone had a Gold Glove ball ready for him. Nolan was kind enough to sign an 11x14 photo for me along with a Gold Glove ball today.

The only no show was CJ Wilson at the event or at least I thought he was going to be a no show. As I said my goodbyes to all my friends in the graphing community I ran into CJ at the parking lot. He arrived at the event in the afternoon. I ended up getting CJ to sign an 11x14 along with a 2011 All Star Game baseball with the 1st All Star inscription.

I want to thank Brandon Barnes for running another successful and well organized event. It was nice to go to an event where all the invited guests actually showed up. I also want to give a shout out to all the graphers. It was nice running into my summer baseball family and spending a nice afternoon with them.

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