Sunday, November 30, 2014

Clayton Kershaw Appearance at the LA Auto Show 11-30-14

Clayton Kershaw was scheduled to make an appearance at the LA Auto Show today from 12-1pm at the Acura Booth. During the entire week there was speculation that the event was cancelled since the flyer was taken down on the LA Auto Show website. Nobody was certain if any outside items were allowed to be signed as well. My goal today was to get my road grey Kershaw jersey signed.

I arrived at the LA Convention Center at around 11pm.

There were already about 100 people in line.

Kershaw arrived a bit late around 12:15 and went inside the Acura booth.

I'm pretty certain all of the Acura employees got their Kershaw items signed.

Clayton also did an interview for Acura as well.

The line ran through quickly since Kershaw wasn't signing any outside items. There was also no photos allowed as the guards were strict about taking photos of Kershaw signing near the table.

I ended up with this fancy Acura promotional photo signed.

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