Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Postseason Graphing: Dodgers vs Braves NLDS

Since the Braves were one of the teams I did poorly with graphing this past year I decided to graph the Braves again since they were in town to face the Dodgers during the NLDS.

I ended up getting cards signed by Jose Constanza, Reed Johnson, Jordan Walden, Elliot Johnson, Chris Johnson, Freddy Garcia, Luis Ayala and Freddie Gonzalez.

Dan Uggla who was unfairly left off the postseason roster but still traveled with the team was nice enough to sign a ROMLB on the SS for me.

Craig Kimbrel signed a 2011 All Star Baseball under the logo and added the inscription First ASG for me. It was nice to get Craig's autograph for the first time. Craig may become the Braves version of Mariano Rivera one day.

Julio Teheran signed a ROMLB on the SS for me as well.

My favorite autograph of the day was from Jason Heyward who I have been trying to get for the last few years now. He was cool about signing and even gave me his full signature.

My last autograph was from Tim Hudson who I was surprised to see walking normally again. He told me he was still rehabbing and won't be back until mid next year. I wished him a speedy recovery after he signed my 2010 all star baseball under the logo.

The Dodgers ended up beating the Braves last night due to a dramatic home run hit by Juan Uribe in the bottom of the 8th inning. I felt fortunate to witness Dodger history in person.

I hope the Dodgers continue to win and maybe even win the World Series this year. I don't want the 2013 baseball/graphing season to end.

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