Saturday, October 26, 2013

Jose Canseco Signing at Harry's Dugout 10-26-13

I decided to check out the Jose Canseco signing at Harry's Dugout today. Jose was scheduled to sign from 1-3:30pm today but arrived a few minutes late to the signing since he was attending youth baseball clinic earlier today. I was happy to finally get a chance to meet the legend himself and to finally add his autograph to my collection.

My goal today was to get a bat signed from Jose along with a baseball signed for my friend Benson who couldn't make it to the signing today.

When I arrived around 1pm there were already about 40 people in line. It was cool running into my friends Anthony, Eddie and Daniel today. Not many of the regular graphers were in attendance due to the numerous other signings that were going on today.

Jose was chatting it up with the fans and also posed for photos as well.

There were a ton of inscriptions to choose from but I went with "1st 40/40 Man Ever" since he was the first to reach that milestone in the history of baseball.

Afterwards he signed Benson's baseball with the same inscription.

Before he signed the baseball I asked him to write out the inscription above the sweetspot as Benson requested. His girlfriend overheard our conversation and asked Jose where the sweetspot was. Jose jokingly replied the sweetspot is the sweetest part of the baseball if you lick it. That response can be interpreted on so many other levels but I don't want to go into details. We all laughed it off when he made that response.

Afterwards my buddy Anthony who was in line with me ended up getting Jose to sign a dual photo of him and Mark McGwire together back when they were playing for the Oakland A's as the Bash Brothers.

I guess Jose realized that it was a project for Anthony to get McGwire to sign the photo as well. Again Jose joking replied "good luck with that one since McGwire doesn't like to sign autographs." Jose wasn't trying to discourage Anthony but jokingly made that reply so we all had a laugh since we know how elusive Mark McGwire is when it comes to getting his autograph.

It was finally nice to complete my Oakland A's Bash Brothers bat collection. Growing up in the 80's both McGwire and Canseco were the two most feared hitters in baseball. Although both were implicated with PEDs it was still nice to add their autographs to my collection.

Overall it was a well run signing by Harry's Dugout. I want to give a shout out to Eddie for hosting the Jose Canseco signing at his shop and for keeping everything organized and well run. If you are in Whittier make sure to go check out his shop. I also want to give another shout out my my friends Anthony, Eddie and Daniel. It's always fun chatting it up with you guys when we are in line at these signings.


  1. Good to see you to. My photo came out great and I ended up with a free 40/40 inscription for some unknown reason.

    1. That's great. You can't go wrong with a free inscription. It was fun hanging out with u bro.

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks again Martin. I love how it came out too.