Sunday, January 29, 2012

January 29, 2012 Eddie Guardado Charity Bowling

Last month I attended Eddie Guardado's Stars and Strike Charity Bowling Event at Bowlmor Lanes in Tustin. The event was a benefit to support children with autism and it featured a lot of local MLB players as well as celebrities. Although I didn't have tickets to the event I decided to go graphing to see if I can get the players to sign as they came in. Scheduled players and celebrities included

"Everyday Eddie" Guardado, 2-Time All-Star Pitcher
Torii Hunter, LA Angels of Anaheim 4-Time All-Star
Michael Young, Texas Rangers 6-Time All-Star
Adrian Beltre, Texas Rangers 2-Time All-Star
Derek Holland, Texas Rangers
Vernon Wells, LA Angels of Anaheim / 3-Time All-Star
Garret Anderson, LA Angels of Anaheim 3-Time All-Star
J.J.Putz, Arizona Diamondbacks All-Star Pitcher
LaTroy Hawkins, Milwaukee Brewers
Rex Hudler, Former MLB Player and Radio Personality
Troy Percival, 4-Time All Star
Jamie Moyer, All-Star Pitcher
Carlos Fisher, Cincinnati Reds
Brad Thompson, St. Louis Cardinals
Adam Melhuse, Former MLB Player
Aaron Sele, 2-Time All-Star Pitcher
Chad Cordero, All-Star Pitcher
Jacque Jones, Former MLB Player
Gary Pettis, Texas Ranger Coach and Former MLB Player
Lisa Foxx, On-Air Radio Personality 104.3 MYFM
Bret Saberhagen, 3-Time All Star Pitcher
Todd Marchant, Former NHL Player
Eric Chavez, New York Yankess Infielder
Denny Hocking, Former MLB Player
Sasha Pieterse, Actress – Pretty Little Liars
Musetta Vander, Actress - best known for her roles in science fiction and fantasy films
Nick Roux, Actor – Wizards of Waverly Place, Lemonade Mouth
Darwin Barney, Chicago Cubs
Ty Wright, Chicago Cubs
Howie Kendrick, LA Angels of Anaheim
Chanel Ryan, Model, Actress, "Small Apartments"

My main goal was to get Adrian Beltre and Michael Young. Adrian Beltre has been my white whale for quite some time. Last year I had four separate encounters with him at Angels Stadium and each time he declined to sign. There was one night where he didn't sign anyone for us even though it was a small group of four graphers trying to get him at the players parking lot at Angels Stadium.  

The first autograph I ended up getting was Troy Percival. I was happy I finally got a chance to get him on a SS ROMLB. I am trying to collect every single member of he 2002 Angels Championship team each on a SS ROMLB. The signed baseball also completes my collection of a signed jersey by Troy and now a signed baseball. Note that the signed jersey is an original California Angels authentic jersey from the mid 90s. One of my favorite jerseys in my jersey collection.

The next autograph I got was Bret Saberhagen. I already have a signed Saberhagen SS ROMLB in my collection but if you know me I never pass up a chance to get more. The first Saberhagen SS ROMLB is from the signing at Frank and Sons on 12-3-11 sponsored by good old Hall of Fame Sports. I actually paid for the autograph. Remember I had the discussion between sit down paid signings versus a meet up signing. You can tell that the one I got today was very rushed compared to the one I paid for. Even though I like to get my graphs for free sometimes it pays to pay since you end up getting a cleaner signature. Here is a comparison of both signed baseballs. The one on the left is the one I got for free at this event and the one on the right is the paid one at the signing at Frank and Sons.

Next up was the big moment. Adrian Beltre rolled through with his wife. I was a bit nervous at first to ask him to sign for me since I couldn't get him last season. Luckily he was in a good mood today so he signed for me. The baseball pictured on the left is Adrian Beltre on the one on the right is Michael Young.

Next up was Jamie Moyer. He came out to the event with his kids. Moyer is a class act. Very nice guy in person.

Then Torii Hunter rolled through. Torii is one of my favorite players all time mainly because he is a great baseball player but most importantly he is one of the most fan friendly athletes you will ever meet. He is in the level of Matt Kemp in terms of being very fan friendly and willing to take the time to sign autographs and pose for pictures. I've gotten Torii to sign numerous times at Angels Stadium last year and also at sit down signings like at Metro PCS in Stanton on 5-21-11 but you can never get enough of Torii. The only item I never had him sign was a Angels 50th Anniversary Ball. I had an extra 50th ball that I picked up during batting practice last year so I ended up having Torii sign the baseball underneath the 50th logo.

As you can see from the picture I even had Vernon Wells sign the baseball as well. He came out next with Michael Young. Vernon is another example of a talented player who has no ego and takes the time to please his fans. Overall it was a great event.


  1. Congrats on getting Beltre. Were you guys just waiting outside of the bowling alley?

  2. Thanks Josh. Ya I just waited outside of the bowling alley and they walked through the front where they had to check in. A lot of the players listed didn't show up like Darwin Barney and Derrick Holland. Garrett Anderson didn't sign as usual. That guy is hard to get since he doesn't like to sign but most of the other guys on the list did. I think if you had a ticket to the event it would have been much easier but I was happy to get what I got that day.