Saturday, January 21, 2012

January 21, 2012 Trinity Bat Company HR Derby Challenge Cory Hahn Fundraiser

I went to El Dorado High School in Placentia to check out the Trinity Bat Company HR Derby Challenge in support of Cory Hahn. It was a home run derby involving local high school players, top minor league players and a few MLB players. Scheduled players to participate in this event was Mark Trumbo, Hank Conger, Danny Espinoza and Mike Carp. Both Carp and Espinoza were no shows and Trumbo couldn't participate due to injury. Featured minor league prospects included Matt Hobgood, Nick Ramirez, Christian Colon, Trayce Thompson, Aaron Northcraft, Austin Hedges, and a surprise guest Gerrit Cole (#1 pick of the Pirates in the 2011 MLB Draft). The event was very well organized and it was easy to to get access to the players for autographs. Most were very friendly and willing to sign.

Since Trumbo wasn't participating in the home run derby they actually had a table ready for him to sign autographs. I ended up getting my Louisville Slugger Angels Bat signed as well as a SS ROMLB by Mark Trumbo.

I think I OD'ed on Trumbo this past year. I got Trumbo last year on a bat as well as a SS ROMLB at the Dave and Busters signing at The Block and I got his old richter scale rookie signature at the Angels Fanfest last year on a SS ROMLB. I just have a sick habit of not being able to pass up an autograph when I have an opportunity even if it's a player i've gotten before. If anyone reading this blog needs a Trumbo signed bat or baseball let me know. I am open for trade offers.

I then had Hank Conger sign my Allen and Ginters Topps Rookie. I don't normally do cards but i've gotten Hank on numerous items such as ROMLBs and Angels hats so I figured mix it up a bit. This card was given to me courtesy of my friend Benson last season at Angels Stadium who goes to all these signings with me. You can never get enough of Hank though. I hope he does well this season. I have a personal bias towards Asian major league baseball players. I collect autographs of all Asian players especially Korean players since I am Korean myself. I took a picture of a SS ROMLB signed Conger I got at Angels Fanfest last year vs the signed card I got at this event. Notice how sit down signatures always come out better since they are not rushed.

Then I went after the prospects. Ended up with Matt Hobgood, Christian Colon and Gerrit Cole x 2.
Hobgood was nice enough to add the inscription "5th overall pick" and Gerrit inscribed one of my baseballs with "#1 pick 2011." 

I was excited to get Gerrit since he is a UCLA alum. I always root for the UCLA players. I hope he does well this year. Both Gerrit and Christian were nice enough to take photos as well


  1. Nice autos. Conger's auto looks good on a retro card.

  2. Thanks Spiegel83. One of the few autograph cards I own in my collection since I mostly do baseballs, mini helmets, bats, jerseys, footballs, shoes and basketballs. My friends are all trying to convince to to get into the card game since it is more economical to do cards.

  3. Nice recap and autos David. I almost went to this since it was close to home. Sucks that Espinoza didn't show but nice that Gerrit Cole showed.


    1. I was able to go thanks to you Martin. I read about it on your blog and this event was indeed close to home for me as well since El Dorado High School is only about 15 mins from where I live. See you at the next signing bro.

  4. I do need a Trumbo ball. I've got all kinds of Giants balls I can trade. LMK.

    1. Where are you located at Luke? What baseballs do you have available for trade?