Saturday, August 28, 2010

Super Day of Angels Signings 8-28-10

Five Angels were having signings today at four different locations and fortunately I was able to make it to all five signings.

The first stop was the Mike Scioscia and Howie Kendrick Signing at Howard's Appliances in Laguna Hills. Both were scheduled to sign from 10am-12pm. I arrived at Howards around 8am and there were about 150 fans ahead of me in line. There was a mixture of both Dodger and Angels fans in line and the line was very organized. The even ran smoothly. Howards also gave each fan a backpack and the SGA Mike Scioscia bust that day. Had Coach Scioscia and Howie sign my ROMLBs on the SS. I noticed that now Howie's signature is much more legible that before. I guess he changed his signature for the upcoming season.

I got a tip in the line from another fan that Juan Rivera was also having a signing close by at the Living Spaces in Irvine. My original plan for the day was to attend the Maicer Izturis signing at the AT&T Store in Orange after the Howard's signing since that was on the way back home. I drove out to Living Spaces in Irvine and noticed that there was no line at all. Juan was nice enough to take a photo with me as well. My assumption is that the line died out while I was at the Howard's Signing or that all the fans were dispersed at different signing events. Nonetheless it was nice that I didn't have to wait at all in line. I ended up getting an ROMLB signed by Juan on the SS.

As soon as I got the autograph I bolted out of Living Spaces and drove out to the Maicer Izturis signing at the AT&T store in Orange. Again as soon as I walked into the store I was the only fan getting Maicer's autograph since most of the fans dispersed out of there. Maicer signed my ROMLB on the SS.

As I was leaving the event about to head home another fan in line gave me a tip that Erick Aybar was signing at another AT&T store in Ladera Ranch. I knew I didn't have much time to get Erick since he had already started to sign an hour ago. Plus I had to back track and drive back towards Ladera Ranch which was the opposite way of going home. I figured I'd still give it a shot but had low expectations of not getting the autograph on time. The other problem was that I ran out of ROMLBs since I didn't come prepared expecting to get five autographs that day. The only item I had left was the one I was wearing which was my Angels New Era Fitted cap. When I arrived at the signing at the AT&T store in Ladera Ranch Erick was still signing away. The employees ended up cutting the line off with me being the 2nd to the last on in line since Erick had to leave soon. I was extremely lucky. I ended up getting Erick to sign my Angels hat.

On a side note do you notice the Frappucino Starbucks Coffee drink on the table next to Erick Aybar. There is a funny story behind that drink. My buddy Benson who I didn't know back then attended this particular Aybar signing to get his ROMLB signed. Eric actually spilled some of the drink on his hand and ended up signing Benson's baseball leaving a coffee stain on his signed Aybar baseball. That's officially a 1/1 with Aybar's autograph as well as fingerprints on the baseball.

After a long day of signing I felt very fortunate to make it to four different signings at four different locations even though it wasn't planned. I want to thank Howard's Appliances, AT&T, and Living Spaces for hosting all of these signings.

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