Saturday, April 10, 2010

Derek Fisher Tribute Upper Deck Signing Recap 4-10-10

This post is a tribute to Derek Fisher, one of my favorite all time Lakers. Laker fans will surely miss him and I wish Fish the best of luck playing for the OKC Thunder. I attended a paid Derek Fisher signing a few years ago at the now defunct Upper Deck Retai Store in Huntington Beach. From what I remember I think I paid about $65 dollars for the autograph. The main reason why I went to this signing was to get my game used D Fish road jersey signed. There were about 150 people at this signing and it went very smoothly with Fisher greeting everyone and being his happy self as usual. Sadly Upper Deck didn't allow any photo ops. Here are some photos of the signing that took place as well as my signed jersey.

I ended up buying the Mounted Memories Lakers custom shadow box frame from when they had their 40% off sale. I love how I can interchange the jerseys since the case opens up. Thus if I feel like displaying my Magic, Kobe, or D Fish signed jerseys I can interchange them whenever.


  1. Awesome jersey/auto, Fish is the best.

    1. Thanks Ryan. I agree Fish is the best and I miss him already. It's weird seeing him in a Thunder jersey.