Thursday, August 8, 2013

Brian Wilson and Corey Seager: Rancho Cucamonga Quakes vs Lake Elsinore Storm Game

I decided to check out the Quakes vs Storm game after work with the goal of getting Brian Wilson and Corey Seager's autograph. Since I had work I arrived at the Epicenter at around 4:30. Batting practice was already underway. Here is a photo below of Brian Wilson talking to one of the coaches. It was weird to see him in Dodger blue.

I was hoping I could get his autograph and leave just like I did for Carl Crawford a few weeks ago but security ended up kicking me out. As I was walking out I ran into Andrew and his dad Andy aka Pitbull and Minibull. Andrew and Andy are both legendary graphers at Dodger Stadium and they were here today with the same goal as me which was to get Corey Seager and Brian Wilson's autograph. Tyler, David A, and Eric ended up showing up as well so we all waited by the gates before the stadium opened up at 6pm.

Since I couldn't get Brian Wilson's autograph during BP I ended up buying a ticket to the game. The first Quakes player to sign for us was Dodgers #2 prospect Corey Seager who is the younger brother of Kyle Seager who plays for the Mariners. Just like his brother Corey was cool with the fans and signed for everyone who asked. He ended up signing a ROMLB on the SS for me. Normally I don't like prospecting since it's risky because a player can become a superstar like Yasiel Puig or never live up to their potential like Brandon Wood. However it's always nice to get autographs from players before they become superstars since you don't have to worry about getting them again once they become superstars.

Afterwards Pratt Maynard signed a card for me. I didn't bring that many minor league cards with me today since I rarely graph minor league baseball. Plus I don't buy many minor league sets either.

Brian Wilson was due to start and pitch for just one inning. I figured my chances of getting his autograph was slim since he was pitching today so we'd have to try our luck after the game. Brian ended up ignoring all autograph requests since he was preparing to pitch in the game. Thus I took a few photos of Brian Wilson warming up.

Afterwards we waited patiently near the players locker room for Brian Wilson. Surprisingly there were about 100 fans waiting outside for Brian as well. Most of them were casual fans who wanted a chance to get Brian Wilson's autograph or a picture with him. I even saw several fans decked out in Giants gear which was weird since we were at a Rancho Quakes game. It's still weird for me to see Brian Wilson wearing Dodger blue since he will forever be known as a Giant since he had so much success playing for them and won the World Series in 2010. I hope he helps the Dodgers this year during the postseason and maybe he can make another run at another World Series Championship.

We waited for about an hour and Brian Wilson finally walked out. He was cool with everyone and signed for a good 15 minutes. Brian Wilson signed my 2010 World Series ball under the logo and a card for me.

Overall it was another fun day of graphing at the Epicenter.

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