Monday, February 11, 2013

MLB Urban Youth Academy 2-10-13

In celebration of Black History Month, Compton Community Day was held at the MLB Urban Youth Academy. I decided to check this event out since it was advertised that Frank Robinson and Tony LaRussa were going to be speaking at the event. This was the same field where I got Hideo Nomo's autograph earlier this year so I was hoping i'd get lucky again this time around.

The first former player to arrive was Rod Carew which was a surprise since he wasn't scheduled to be at the event. However he was escorted by security who yelled at all the graphers saying "No Autographs." This was a sign of things to come the entire day.

Next up was Tony LaRussa who was mobbed. Tony signed a few and was escorted by security who also told us "No Autographs." Tony surprisingly had a set of pens in his pocket including a blue sharpie and a black pen. He came prepared but his signatures looked rushed and he was giving out his short signature to the few that got his autograph.

Finally Frank Robinson walked in and again security told us all "No Autographs." This entire day was looking bleak but they did hand out free MLB Urban Youth Academy shirts and wristbands. I love free swag.

Since I struck out initially I decided to take a few photos of the event.

Here is a photo of Frank Robinson giving a speech.

Then it was Rod Carew's turn for his speech.

And finally it was Tony LaRussa's turn to give his speech to the kids.

It was pretty amazing to three legends of the game all in one place.

After Tony finished an interview I was lucky enough to hand him my ROMLB as he was being ushered by the same security guard who kept on telling us no autographs. Luckily Tony was nice enough to sign for me and also used my blue jetstream pen to sign my ROMLB on the SS. I guess he didn't have time to pull out his own pen from his pocket. He was also nice enough to give me his jersey number as well on his signature.

As Tony was leaving the event he was mobbed by all of the graphers. I didn't want to get in that crowd but I did take a photo of the madness.

Some of the graphers were upset since he was running with his own black pen and blue sharpie. All of the signatures seemed rushed. Some of the baseballs were also side paneled as well due to the madness. I guess you can't blame Tony since he was trying to accommodate for the fans. I was just happy I got my one autograph for the day.

As for Rod Carew and Frank Robinson both players didn't sign leaving either.

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