Monday, January 28, 2013

Antawn Jamison Signing Walmart West Covina 1-26-13

Although I was extremely tired after Dodger Fanfest I decided to go to the Antawn Jamison signing at the Grand Opening of Walmart in West Covina. I got a last minute tip from my buddy Alex that Antawn was signing from 3-5pm at Walmart the same day as Dodger Fanfest. Since there were so many signings going on today I figured there wouldn't be that many people showing up to this event. I didn't even plan to attend this signing so I didn't come prepared with photos and basketballs like I normally would.

Luckily there was Dicks Sporting Goods store next to Walmart so I picked up a basketball from there. I arrived at the Jamison signing around 4pm and I noticed there were only about 60 people waiting in line. Normally for any Laker signing there would be at least 300 fans waiting if not more even for scrubs on the team like Steve Blake or Devin Ebanks. Antawn is no scrub since he was a 2 time all star and the 6th man of the year.

When I arrived I ran into Matt who told me the bad news about Superfest and that Adrian Gonzalez and Heath Bell didn't sign but left early. I felt bad about telling Matt how great Dodger Fanfest was and how all the graphers did well today. You can read about his post about Superfest on his blog. Don't worry too much Matt since we all know you will make up for this bad day at Spring Training this year.

I also ran into my friend Spencer, Eric, and Jordan who all decided to hit up the Jamison signing after Dodger Fanfest. Great minds think alike. We all figured that this signing was going to be easy and indeed it was. Jamison was signing multiple items for fans and was nice enough to pose for photos as well.

I ended up getting Antawn to sign my basketball. He was nice enough to inscribe "4th Pick Overall" on my basketball.

I also ended up getting Dwyane Wade's autograph today as well. Wade wasn't at signing but I ran into my friend Mike who had an extra signed copy of Dwyane Wade's new book. He was nice enough to trade me the book for two ROMLBs. Thanks Mike

Overall the Antawn Jamison was an awesome signing with no stress of camping out and waiting in line too long. Everything was well organized so I want to thank the staff of Walmart in West Covina for running such a well organized event.

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