Sunday, October 9, 2011

Drew League vs Goodman League Game 10-9-11

One of the best games and also one of the best days for graphing basketball. This hyped up game between the Drew League vs the Goodman League took place at the Long Beach Pyramid on 10-9-11. This was the revenge game for the Drew League and was dubbed "The Payback" since the Drew Crew lost to the Goodman League in Washington DC. Thanks to the NBA lockout the Drew League provided many fans an opportunity to watch top notch pro NBA players play basketball and gave us graphers a chance to pick up autographs of non local players like Kevin Durant and John Wall. I headed out there with my friend Nick a few hours before tipoff so that we can get autographs while the players were walking in. I met up with my friend James (the guy who got me into getting shoes signed) and also the guy who runs his own blog  at the event. If you haven't seen his blog you will be amazed by his signed shoe collection. My goal was to get my Nike Zoom KD IIIs signed by the man himself Kevin Durant. I've gotten Durant to sign last summer at the Elite 24 Event at Venice Beach so I had to get his shoes signed to add to the Durant Collection. I waited right next to the parking lot to check for players walking in. There were a lot of graphers with the same thing in mind. I'd say there were about 30 of us out there. I ended up getting Dorrell Wright, Trevor Ariza, Matt Barnes, Derrick Williams, Nick Young, JaVale McGee, James Harden as they were walking in on a basketball.

I ended up also getting John Wall on a single signed basektball

And finally Kevin Durant on his Nike Zoom KD IIIs which completes my KD signed baskebtall and shoe collection. My goal right now is to get a signature shoe signed as well as a single signed basketball from any notable NBA superstar or rising star. So far i've been able to do that for Blake Griffin, Kevin Durant, Brandon Jennings and Baron Davis.

The security was though at the Pyramid as they wouldn't let you bring in any outside items outside of what you are wearing. After getting all of my stuff signed I went in to watch the players warm up. While I was taking pictures Dee Gordon walks right by me trying to get to his seat. Luckily I had my Dodger Fitted on and so I had him sign my hat. Dee came out to watch the game just like all of us normal NBA fans. He looked a little surprised that anyone noticed him. Dee was nice as usual and he signed my cap for me.

Here are some pictures of the game itself. The Drew League ended up beating the Goodman League. Enjoy


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  2. BTW, great job at this event. I wish I was able to get to some of these games.

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